About Us

Driven by the needs of today’s young parents and kids, we have created this one of its kind product to PLAY, PARTY AND LEARN.

Tingaland is the only #unwired place where we look up to keep kids learning through fun with no-tech activities to do for their intellectual and social development. The more they #goplay and burn their energy in physical activities, the better they learn. Seeking #joysoflife for #HappyParents and #TingaSuperstars, this place has been perfectly designed to engage them in an interesting and imaginative playway.




Tingaland is the place to enjoy, explore and learn. The colourful place takes your child to the new world of fun, games and new experience. Tingaland – the most buzzing play zone…

Tingaland Noida – My Experience

Kids have an undying energy reserve. I am sure there will be many fellow mommies like me, who are always on the lookout to find new interesting avenues to keep…

Tingaland- Where fun never ends.

Tingaland is a planet of adventure whose vision is to make children use their imagination to learn and play. While their goal is to spread joy in order to have…