Why To Visit Tingaland Playzone?

Why To Visit Tingaland Playzone?

Childhood is the period to build beautiful memories, which can be cherished forever. Nowadays due to pollution, safety issues, children rarely go to the park to play. It was another one of the lazy Saturdays when my neighbor asked me and my son to join her in Tingaland exploration trip. She told me that kids up to 10 years can visit the place. My initial research on google showed me some slides, craft activities, which didn’t look much promising.  But thankfully I was proven wrong after visiting the place. This place is not only to play or party but it is also to learn. It is built on the concept of promoting kids learning through fun with no-tech activities,  to do for their intellectual and social development. The physical activities are designed in a way which results in the energy-burning and also stimulates their imagination.

The play zone is located on the 3rd floor, The Starling Retail, Hazipur, Sector 104, Noida. It is spread over a play area of 7000 sqft, containing activities for toddlers to kids, the age group which they entertain kids are in the range of 2 to 10 years. It also has Tinga Café for birthday and party celebrations. They have a tie-up with Kwality caterers, which serve hygienic and quality food.

With the theme of experiential learning, Tingaland – a magical land is conceptualized around various fun zones facilitated with safe and free play for kids, nurturing their creativity and imagination.

  • Tinga Activity Zone
  • Tinga Toddler Zone
  • Tinga Art and Craft Centre
  • Tinga Wall Climbing
  • Tinga Cafe
  • Tinga Night Camps

They also have nighttime camping activities, where storytelling sessions are conducted. These sessions not only help in building the imagination of the kids but they also kick the reading habits within the child.

Advantages of Tingaland:

Location– Tingaland Playzone is centrally located, in a peaceful environment. In fact, there is no other play area in that location. It also serves as a good party joint, for birthday celebrations and kitty parties.

Safety– I was impressed with the safety measures incorporated by Tingaland, in the play area at a given time 4-5 executives would be present, keeping an eye on the child. No child can leave Tingaland campus without the parent or guardians accompanying them. So you can easily leave the child in the play zone when you can go for shopping.

Activities– There is a range of activities present which not only burns energy but also stimulates the imagination. The activities are not senselessly designed but they follow a definite logic.

Food– The food quality is excellent, Kwaolity caterers not only make tasty but also hygienic food. Trust me there Honey Pepper Chicken is to vouch for. The kids will definitely be asking for more servings. It was tangy in taste and the chicken was soft and nicely cooked.

Important Instructions:

Playzone Time : 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Height Requirements: Tinga Toddler’sZone ( 1.5 to 3 years ) up to 100cms

Tinga Activity Zone (3 to 9 years) – 100cms to 165cms

Playtime: 90 minutes per session, Overstay will be chargeable.

Register: Name of the #TingaSuperstar and the #HappyParent with our staff at the front office.

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