Tingaland Noida – My Experience

Kids have an undying energy reserve. I am sure there will be many fellow mommies like me, who are always on the lookout to find new interesting avenues to keep them engaged and occupied. All this while ensuring that the task at hand is educational and safe for them. Last weekend, the kids were bore to death at home and wanted to do something “hatke” something “ different “ than what we usually do on weekends. And so my chance encounter with a beautiful and engaging kid friendly venue called “ Tingaland .”

First and foremost let me confess the name “ Tingaland” kind of intrigued me and I immediately wanted to know what was it all about. My visit to this place, left me pleasantly surprised and my kids entertained and in awe. Hats off to the team behind this place.

This place specializes in educating and teaching kids through story telling. In fact they have taken storytelling to the next level with camping activities. Yes, you heard me right even I loved the concept. The time kids spend at this place will be a complete tech detox for them as they will not have access to any kind of gadgets like smart phones, televisions or tablets like they have at home.

They have experts who are adept in reciting stories that will appeal and intrigue the young mind and grasp their attention. These sessions help to pique their creativity and curiosity level. Also, these stories actually stimulate young minds and appeal to their imaginary minds and creative side. They kind of aid in weaning them off from excessive use of gadgets and engaging them in stories that inculcate a habit of daily reading in them.

I loved the concept and idea but the mother is me is always worryied about the child’s safety. The team at Tingaland actually helped to put my worries away by explaining

  • They serve only the tastiest and quality food : They have  a tie up with Kwality that ensures that only hygienic and fresh food is served to the little one’s.
  • The team are experts in helping you to plan a birthday party with an absolutely different and unique concept.
  • Their tents are cute out of the world triangular shaped one’s that not only kids but their parents would also like to explore.
  • They have specially curated night activates that kids are exposed to while camping.

In fact , I also discovered that as many as 5 top leading schools of  NCR have tied up with Tingaland for children to connect with each other and work on their social skill sets. The #tingastars have  a number of safe and educating activities to keep them engaged for long hours. These activities include

  • Tinga Activity zone
  • Tinga Toddler area that has been specially curated for small kids keeping in mind their safety.
  • Tinga Art and craft entre that is ideal for budding Picasso and Michelangelo’s
  • Tinga Wall climbing activity that is ideal for aspiring Mt Everest climbersact
  • Tinga Café
  • Tinga Night Camp
  • And so on.

For my kids playing is an extremely important activity. This newly opened play area at sector 104 Noida is an excellent place for the kids to stay occupied while learning a plethora of things. The fact that they have an absolutely different concept and also that they cater to the child’s various interest like craft, café, activities and wall climbing has ensured that this place is loved by both my kids.

In fact , we liked it so much that we are planning to have our next #birthday party or # theme party at this beautiful place. The fact that they cater to various age groups ranging from age 1 to age 10 makes it a perfect place for get together.

It is actually one of those places where I wished I could be a kid again and try out these activities. My daughter loved the wall climbing activity and my junior can’t stop raving about their story sessions. They are absolutely smitten by this place and already coaxing me to take them back again.

We are going back soon… what about you guys ?

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