Rules and Regulations


Read the rules and enter Tingaland for a thrilling, delightful and memorable visit.

Playzone Time : 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Height Requirements : Tinga Toddler’sZone ( 1.5 to 3 years ) up to 100cms
Tinga Activity Zone (3 to 9 years) – 100cms to 165cms

Playtime : 90 minutes per session, Overstay will be chargeable.

Register : Name of the #TingaSuperstar and the #HappyParent with our staff at the front office.

Entry and Exit : Register your time of play with the Tinga Crew on your wristband.

Socks are mandatory for both, #TingaSuperstars and the #HappyParents at Tinga Toddler Zone and Tinga Activity Zone, respectively.

Not Permitted : Food & Beverages, Glassware, Chewing Gums, Candy, Jewellery, Keys, Sharp objects, Metal items, Loose items, Electronic gadgets ( Mobile Phones, Tablets, Cameras, etc )at the Tinga Toddler Zone and Tinga Activity Zone.

#HappyParents are requested not to venture in Tinga Activity Zone.

Shoes are not allowed at Tinga Toddler Zone and Tinga Activity Zone.

Outside photographers, decorator, food & drinks are not allowed.

Follow one child and one adult ratio.

Pregnant women, in advance stage are not allowed at Tinga Toddler Zone and Tinga Activity Zone. Even otherwise, women in early stage of their pregnancy should avoid activities, if so advised by Doctors.
#HappyParents should refrain themselves from using the equipments in play area as the same has been designed and dedicated for children only and is not intended for adult use.

Safety & Precautions: Arms & legs must be covered at all times to avoid injuries., likely to be caused due to grazing or rubbing. Children are encouraged to wear trousers or leggings.
#TingaSuperstars and #HappyParents should adhere to the instructions given by the Tingaland crew.

No climbing on nets.

#TingaSuperstars should always slide sitting up with feet down. Never slide with head first on their back or stomach.

Running up the slides is not permitted.

Slide run off areas should be kept clear. Exit the Slide Run off areas as soon as the child reaches the bottom of the slide.

#TingaSuperstars are advised to remove their glasses or contact lenses before entering the play area.
Play with SAFETY in mind at all times.

#HappyParents must keep an eye on their wards to avoid any possible self inflicted injury. Though the crew of Tinagaland will take all necessary possible precaution to avoid any injury to the kids but, in no circumstances, they can be held liable for any such injury, caused to the kids, due to circumstances beyond one’s control.

The Play zone reserves the right to cancel playtime in case the Rules, are violated.
Tingaland accepts no liability for injuries, nor will it entertain any claims for damages and losses, resulting from the use of the Play zone.

Go Play!